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Transform your business with FETCH QR code-driven unified guest solutions.

Customers use FETCH to Order Food and Drinks, Collect Tips, Pay restaurant Bills, leave Feedback,  make Charity Donations, and more!

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From the moment FETCH goes live, your guests will be able to pay & order with a quick QR code scan. Don’t be surprised if more clients and 5-star reviews keep rolling in!

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FETCH seamlessly integrates with over 100 EPOS & PMS platforms. Plus, it can easily function with your entire business ecosystem including marketing, finance, payroll, and your CRM such as SalesForce.

Who can benefit


Bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, valet parking services, charities, and more. If you’re in a service-focused business, FETCH is for you.

It will empower you to deliver unmatched customer experience while helping you realise measurable improvement in revenue and staff productivity.

Results speak louder than words

Here’s how FETCH is transforming guest experience, allowing businesses to deliver an elevated service & drive measurable revenue growth.

Digital Tipping

See how FETCH helped Errol Douglas staff increase the number and amount of tips they collect.

FETCH_iPhone Mockup-Digital Tipping copy 1
FETCH_iPhone Mockup-Digital Tipping copy 2

Pay at Table

See  how FETCH helped Cornish Inns streamline their table service.

Order and Pay

Discover how TigerTMS integrated FETCH and instantly reaped the benefits.

FETCH_iPhone Mockup-Digital Tipping copy 3
FETCH_iPhone Mockup-Digital Tipping copy 4

Valet Parking

Discover how IPS revolutionised their operations in Dubai.


Discover how FETCH have helped BillyChip maximise their donations.

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