Who Can Benefit From

Bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, valet parking services, charities, and more. If you’re in a service-focused business,

FetchPay is for you.

It will empower you to deliver unmatched customer experience  while helping you realise measurable improvement in revenue and staff productivity.

Pay at Table

It speeds up restaurant checkouts, offering an easy digital experience to customers that are ready to go. All they have to do is scan the QR code, tip, and pay and they’ll be on their way!

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Digital Tipping

Optimized for the modern cashless landscape; FetchPay’s Digital Tipping enables you to retain and engage teams with an easy-to-use ‘no-app’ and contact-free tipping solution.

Order & Pay

Order & Pay is FetchPay’s white-label ordering & payment solution designed to enable food & beverage businesses so they can serve more guests more efficiently, while driving peak productivity across multiple locations and staff teams.

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Valet Parking

We have optimized Valet Parking to help valet parking services so they can boost their revenue and parking space efficiency while driving staff productivity.


Discover how FETCHpay have helping BillyChip maximise their donations

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